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Dr.lajiBa – It’s me a “Genie” welcome you all to the world of well being, where the health is maintained well with pure herbal medicated products without side effects in the forth coming future world. Here I Promise you all that, the health care is being taken care of with my herbal medicine ranges like,

Cold and head ache pain balm.(10 gm, 25 gm)
Joint and muscle pain reliever. (50 ml liniment)
Anti dandruff shampoo. (Coco Fresh Shampoo)
Anti hair fall hair oil. (Hair fresh hair oil)
Anti Fungal/Anti Scabies & Deodorant Soap. (Skin fresh Soap).

Cold & Head Ache Reliever
Cold & Head Ache Reliever
Joint & Muscle Pain Reliever
Anti Dandruff & Anti Hair Fall
Anti Dandruff & Anti Hair Fall
Medicated Herbal Sozp